Topic: Poor service delivery due to staff capacity and training issues

Overview: You are a manager in a business who has a problem to solve. For this assignment, you need to write a report for other stakeholders in the business to understand the problem faced and what you believe should be done to solve the problem.
You should think like a manager in a real business. It is strongly advised that you use a real-life
business scenario to base this coursework upon. If you are unable to access a real-life business, you
can construct a life-like scenario but you must write the report as if the business is real and as if you
are real managers within this business e.g. a potential start-up, issue in the university or ONCAMPUS.
Any scenario chosen should enable you to access enough data about the context and problem to
allow for data analysis to be performed. Remember this is a business module and the topic should be
business related, however the marks you are awarded relate to the data collection, analysis and
decision making rather than the scenario. Check with your tutor before you start to ensure that your
topic is suitable.
Note that there are many business problems in different areas (Insurance, Banking, Finance, Logistics,
Economics) that statistical methods can be applied to. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Marketing and Sales Department – pricing, understanding customer needs, consumer buying
    habits, customer segmentation/retention, brand image, advertising
  2. Operations Department – product profitability, production, stock management and quality
  3. Human Resources – hiring, employee motivation, training
  4. Investment decisions – equipment purchase, interest rate impact on cost of borrowing
  5. Logistics department – physical distribution by ensuring goods arrive on time etc
    Please note that you are not limited to these sort of business problems.
    Content of the report:
  6. The problem: define the business context and problem that you need to make a decision
    about as managers in the business.
  7. Outline the plan for data collection & analysis
  8. Collect and present information/summary statistics and describe the data demonstrating good
    data management and display techniques (see topics 4 & 5 in the scheme of work)
  9. Test the data using relevant statistical tests (include your assumptions and rationale for using
    each test) (see topics 6, 7 & 8 in the scheme of work – select relevant tests, you only need to
    use useful and relevant tests on your data)
  10. Analyse the results and describe any learning you have gained about the business problem
    through your data analysis
  11. Draw conclusions about the data and understand limitations in concluding results
  12. Outline and justify your management decision (concerning your business problem) as a result
    of the data analysis you have conducted.
  13. References: sources of information and data used in your report (use Harvard referencing).

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