Topic: Pope Francis Background Information essay

You will provide background information on your chosen leader, explain how they came to power, describe the source and extent of their power, describe their leadership style (i.e. transactional, transformational), and describe and evaluate at least two decisions they have made since coming to power.

Required Elements

Introduction with a Thesis Statement

Background Information:

Family and early life


Professional background


Rise to Power:

Why did the leader seek power?

Explain how the leader came to power (election, coup, hereditary, etc.).

Source and Extent of Power:

Source: Constitution or other document(s), tradition, fear, etc.

Extent: Are there limits to what the leader can do? Who, if anyone, can check the leader’s power? Is the leader accountable to anyone?

Leadership Style:

Using your own analysis as well as that of scholars, describe your subject’s leadership style (i.e. transactional, transformational).

Evaluate the overall impact of this leadership style on the leader’s actions and decisions.

Major Actions/Decisions:

Describe at least two major actions or decisions by the leader, including what was done, why, and the outcome.

How do these actions/decisions illustrate your subject’s leadership style?

Your Overall Assessment of the Leader

Summarizing Conclusion

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