Topic: Procurement and inventory management Questions and answers


  1. Procurement Process
    Part A-20 marks
    Develop a structure for the sourcing process that CCC could implement to support a new company wide procurement strategy. Identify which processes are especially relevant for the diversity of the 3 main product groups;
    Part B-20 marks
    Discuss how the structure and strategy described above will support such important issues as; supplier selection, volume forecasting, transportation, etc. Discuss and give examples of which element of the proposed procurement sourcing process initiative would be most relevant for each product group.
  2. Inventory Management Techniques and Improvements

Appraise the merits, validity and risks associated with the following techniques with respect to the challenges facing CCC in managing the flow to construction sites (point of usage) of the three product types; Concrete, Steel and Glass identified in Question 1.
ABC Analysis-8 marks
Supply scheduling-8 marks
Dependent demand-8 marks
Bulk orders 8 marks
Vendor Managed Inventory 8 marks

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