Topic: progressive income tax system

Sage & Wise Ltd is a small health consulting company with about 100 employees scattered across the UK, all working from home. Table 1 shows information on pay and tax for selected employees of the company living in Scotland and in England.

1.1 Describe what is meant by a progressive income tax system and discuss one way that an income tax system may be structured so that it is progressive.

1.2a Complete Table 1 by using the Income tax and National Insurance Calculator (please see the diagram below) to find Nadia’s and Sanjay’s pay after income tax and National Insurance have been deducted and, for each of them, their average income tax rate (not the average total tax rate). 

1.2b Based on Table 1 (now that you have completed it), explain which income tax system, that of Scotland or England, is more progressive. 

Type of assignment: Case study

Subject: Finance

Pages: 7/1700

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