Topic: Project Management for Enterprise

  1. Assessment Case Study

This is a single assessment. It is based on the Norwegian Megaproject: “E39 Coastal Highway Route”. A link to this project is included on Moodle to help you but you will also need to engage with further research and reading on the project for further context. You will have the opportunity to critique current practice in project management drawing on any of the concepts from this module to provide justification for your answers for this assessment which must be supported by evidence from the literature (academic books and journal articles). You may also cite from professional bodies and Institute websites e.g. Association of Project Management (APM), Project Management Institute (PMI), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Government and Industry websites but there must be a balance with the use of academic references. Use of ‘wikis’ is to be avoided.

3.     This assignment covers all learning outcomes (LOs) for this Module which are:

  1. Compare the characteristics and perspectives of projects with those of ongoing tasks.
    1. Evaluate the effectiveness of tools for planning, estimating, monitoring and controlling projects.
    1. Be able to communicate, lead and/or participate in project teams.
    1. Understand and apply the fundamental aspects of project methodology (such as PRINCE2, or contemporary approaches such as agile project management).
    1. Be able to develop and implement meaningful project schedules using project management and planning software (such as Microsoft project).

4.     Assignment Objectives (Your Task)

  1. What are the major risks that could impact on the continuity of the project? Conduct a PESTEL analysis to examine the external environment of the project (Learning Outcome 1). Justify your answer drawing on evidence from the literature.
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of two planning tools that could be used to help monitor and control the project. Use evidence from the literature to justify your answer (Learning outcome 2).
  • Critically assess who the stakeholders are in the project and discuss strategies as to how they should be managed. Conduct a stakeholder analysis to help you (Learning Outcome 3).
  • Discuss which project methodology would be more suitable for the E39 coastal highway project based on the environment in which it is situated. Justify your answer drawing on evidence from the literature and examples from other projects (Learning Outcome 4).
  • Assuming you were ‘headhunted’ to work as an assistant project manager on the E39 coastal highway project is project, produce a project plan (i.e. a schedule or Gantt Chart) to illustrate what you propose would be a ‘workable plan’ to complete the project. You should include in the plan the main activities and tasks involved and timescales to complete them. Justify your answer (Learning Outcome 5).

Type of assignment: Case study

Subject: Business

Pages: 12/3300

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