Topic: Project Proposal IT & Technology Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts of systems analysis to a practical scenario involving a business information system.
You will continue to work in the same team of two (2) people from Assignment 1.
During this assignment, you will analyse the requirements of the proposed system from Assignment 1.
This assignment must build upon Assignment 1.

  1. Discover and Understand the Requirements –Define the functional and non-functional requirements for the system using the FURPS+ framework (minimum 300 words).
  2. Identify the internal, external, operational, and executive stakeholders for the system (minimum 300 words, use a diagram).
  3. Target a specific group of operational stakeholders and create a one-page questionnaire that will be used to collect information about their system needs. Be sure to use a combination of open and closed-ended questions and identify the stakeholders that your questionnaire is targeting(minimum 300 words). Note that the questionnaire must be indicative of what you would issue to respondents.
  4. For one subsystem, identify and provide brief use case descriptions for all use cases.This must be for functional requirements only.
  5. For the identified use cases in question 4, provide one (1) use case diagram. You must use Lucid Chart.
  6. Determine what information the system is to record and provide a complete domain model class diagram for the system showing this information and its associations. You must use Lucid Chart.
  7. For the same subsystem from question 4, identify and provide one (1) fully developed use case description.This must be for a functional requirement only.
  8. For the fully developed use case description from question 7 provide a corresponding activity diagram to illustrate all the steps within the use case.You must use Lucid Chart.
  9. For the activity diagram from question 8 provide a corresponding system sequence diagram (SSD). You must use Lucid Chart.
    You must use Lucid Chart for all UML diagrams produced for this assignment, otherwise your answers will not be marked. All diagrams must be part of a single file. Additional files and attachments will not be marked.
    All tables, diagrams, and charts must be accompanied by a one paragraph description (minimum 100 words) to help explain your rationale and logic. Note that presentation, spelling, and grammar are extremely important aspects of your design. Be sure to proofread your work prior to submission.
    Submission Information:
  10. Compile all the diagrams and specifications professionally into a single MS Word document.(Do not submit a pdf file.)
  11. Use the following format for the Word document’s filename:
    Last Name_First Name_s Number. docx
    (e.g., Potter_Harry_s12349876.doc)
  12. Use the “Assignment Submission Instructions” document, which contains a final checklist, to ensure your work is complete.
  13. Carefully review the assignment marking criteria.
  14. All students must submit a copy of their Assignment, i.e. both team members
    must submit a copy of their assignment file.
  15. Do not compress (i.e. zip) your assignment file.
  16. Submit your assignment online by going to the “Assignment” section of the course web site.
  17. Enter your filename (not including .docx) into the “Submission Title” field of the upload screen.

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Academic Level : Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Single
Language Style : AU English

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