Topic: Psychology Movie analysis essay assignment


This assignment should be double spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, and contain a title page (name, course information, titles of both movies) and a reference page.

Select and review two films which focus on two different types of relationships, such as parent-child, spousal, familial, peer, etc. Each movie must primarily focus on ONE specific type of relationship. For example, “You’ve Got Mail” mostly centers on a romantic relationship. If your first movie is centered on a romantic relationship, the primary relationship in your second movie should not be a romantic relationship. Each movie should focus on a different type of relationship (I cannot emphasize this enough).

You must email me or turn in a note with the names of both movies you are selecting for instructor approval before starting this assignment.

*** You may NOT use the movies provided in the sample posted on Canvas.
This is to help reduce instances of plagiarism. Also, do not copy any portion
of the sample posted on Canvas. This will result in either a points deduction
or an automatic 0 for this assignment. ***

Provide a brief synopsis of both films, with an emphasis on the characters/relationships you will be focusing on.

Using two theories presented in class (1 for each film), analyze how the relationships in both films are depicted. If the theories can be found in the “Theories and Intimate Relationships” lecture, they are good theories to choose.

For each film, the analysis should include a minimum of two of the following concepts (that support the chosen theories) which appear in the films and should be accompanied by multiple examples to illustrate the theory and the concepts:


Intimacy and self-disclosure
Interpersonal needs
Relationship roles
Communication and interaction patterns
Repairing relationships
Recommendations for change: What recommendations do you have for helping this specific relationship succeed? If the relationship is suffering, what could be done differently to change the course of the relationship? If the relationship is succeeding, what needs to continue in order to support the relationship? Provide these recommendations for each relationship that you are examining. If both failure and success are present in a relationship, discuss each perspective. You should be providing recommendations on the relationships, not the actual movie (i.e., do not say things like “The directors should’ve used better lighting!”).

Provide a critique on how relationships are depicted in the selected movies and reflect on how these films relate to your own relationships with others. Some questions to reflect on are provided on the attached grading rubric.

References: APA citations for the films and other relevant sources that you use are required. You must provide in-text citations (like the example at the end of this sentence) in order to indicate where you received your supporting theory information (Leventhal, 2019). Then, those citations need to be added as references with the movie citation on a dedicated reference page at the end of your paper.

Examples of APA citations (movie reference, lecture reference):

Akkad, M. (Producer), & Zombie, R. (Writer/Director). (2007). Halloween [Motion picture]. United States: Dimension Films.
Leventhal, J. E. (year). Name of the lecture. HDFS 3313, University of North Texas, Denton, TX.
If you cite multiple lectures, you simply provide a corresponding a, b, c, d… behind the year… Leventhal, J. E. (2020a) and so on.

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