Topic: Qualif Report Management Coursework

Order: Operational decision
Words count: 3600
Order details:
The original topic of the research is about the impact of decision making on operations management.
This order is a continuity to the original work as it will deal with a new concept “Operational decision”.
This order will introduce this new concept, highlight its possible impact on sustainable operations
Perhaps looking into:

  • Definition of Operational decision,
  • Introduce strategies like Tactical decision, Strategic decision, and any relevant concept,
  • Assess the impact of Operational decision on operations management,

  • And any other appropriate section.
    Thx a lot.
    This order is a continuity to a previous order # 790087.
    Please present a brief introduction and a small conclusion.
    Please use graphs, illustrations, …
    This order is composed of two sections:
    1- 3000 words about the above stated concepts,
    2- 600 words section to summarize this “3000 words” section.

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Coursework
Subject : Management
Pages / words : 13/3575
Number Of Sources : 40
Academic Level : Master’s
Paper Format : Harvard
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : UK English

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