Topic: Remember the Titans Graphic Organizer Project: Small Group Communication

Please use the Rubic detail (attached) to ensure all requested elements of the project are included.**

Use chapter 3 &/or 4 (attached) as the sources/references: Rothwell, J. D. (2019). In mixed company: Communicating in small groups and teams (10th ed.).

Watch the movie, “Remember the Titans” and analyze the movie. Then you MUST create a graphic organizer which visually portrays each of the elements. As illustrated in the movie note how it illustrates the following communication elements:

1. Group cycle: Identify which parts of the movie associate with each part of the group cycle (forming, storming, norming, performing). For assistance into how the group cycle relates to the movie, please view Remember The Titans – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning.

2. Supportive and/or defensive communication patterns from the video that demonstrate each phase

3. Effects of competition and cooperation on small group climate and effectiveness

4. Strategies for building group cohesiveness

5. Dominant needs and motivations for being in group

. Each portrayal in the group cycle must be supported by supportive and/or defensive communication patterns and please identify where cohesion and cooperation within the group becomes a higher priority than the sources of conflict. Be creative and succinct in your representation!

Your graphic organizer can be completed using , Mind Maple , another tool of your choice, or it can be hand-drawn and scanned. The Sample Graphic Organizer ( is just one example of how the information can be arranged.

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