Topic: Research into a Potential Project Investigating Information and Communications Technology Solutions in Cape York.

Assignment 2 – Project Proposal: Research into a Potential Project
Deliverables 1250 words (excluding reference list and title page).

Task overview In this assignment, you are asked to conduct research into a potential project and present a project proposal including two possible design solutions based on that research. This will be in response to one of the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Challenge design areas for the communities in the Cape York region of Far North Queensland.Your proposal should include background information about the underlying issue and a summary of your research informing your suggestion for two possible solutions.
Completion of this assignment will equip you to contribute well informed ideas about the logistics of possible project options. You will bring these ideas with you when forming a design team, which will assist you and your team to develop a viable project.

Task details Your assignment should contain the following:

• A title that describes the specifics of the project you are exploring. It should contain: the area context of the design, the issue being addressed, and the scale of the project (e.g. household or village level).
e.g. ‘Investigating management of grey water from showers to reduce environmental impact in Cape York camp areas.’
• Background about the current situation and justification of the need for the project. This includes information about the community, the region, the way of life, and why improvements are necessary.
• A summary of your research findings informing the possibilities for the design. This is where you presenta summary of relevant information found in three credible sources relating to your project. At least two of these sources must be academic sources
• Two possible design solutions.

Body of Assignment Use the following guide to structure your assignment:
• Title Page
o Design project title
o Your name and student number
• Body of Assignment
• References
• Marking rubric

Your assignment should include the following sections which should be numbered as indicated in report style.
1.0 Introduction
In one or two sentences describe the purpose of this assignment.
For example: ‘This assignment will investigate a design response to the need to eliminate the introduction of weeds from vehicles into the Cape York region. It will provide justification of and research informing the project and two possible design ideas.’
2.0 Project background and justification:
One or two paragraphs that set the scene for your project and why it is necessary. This must contain a detailed description of the issue or problem your design is looking to address. Make it clear that you understand the current situation and the requirements of the community. Describe who in the community the design is for, and what they are doing currently with regard to the issue/problem, and what needs to be improved and why. You should include references to back this up. (NB Much of your information for this section will be sourced from the EWB Challenge design brief or website but you should also seek further information elsewhere. Ensure you use in-text referencing where required.)

3.0 Preliminary research:

Find three relevant, credible sources that tell you more about the problem in one design area, the community, or the region. At least 2 must be academic sources from the CDU library databases or Google Scholar;do not include the EWB Challenge design brief or website.Then summarise and comment on each of the sources of information you have chosen and present these in the form of an annotated bibliography, as follows:
• A heading – consisting of the bibliographic details for the source in APA format, in bold type
• A summary paragraph – which summarises the source’s main points that relate to your design area, the community or the region,
• A relevance paragraph-an explanation of how this informationrelates to the development ofa suitable design, including why it is credible.
For each source you should write 200 words, not including the heading. In-text referencing is not required in this section.
4.0 Design options
Identify twopotential design solutions. These could be solutions you have come across in your research that fit the need, or solutions that you have observed elsewhere. The ideas need not be fully developed at this stage.
4.1 Option 1 (Insert your first option here eg4.1 Water purifier)
Give a brief overview and description of the design solution and explain how it could solve the problem related to your design project.(Recall, design projects are selected from the EWB Challenge Design Brief). Include
a simple sketch or diagram if appropriate. Include in-text references where necessary.
For example: This design for a water purification system offers a low-cost solution to improve bore-water qualityin the Cape York communities.
The water purifier consists of a simple clay cooking pot modified to include a spout and materials for filtering the water, as shown in Figure 1.
The filter materials consist of locally sourced charcoal and sand. The spout made of bamboo is inserted into the bottom of the pot as indicated. The lid consists of a heavy piece of cloth (in-text reference).
By providing a water purifier for each individual household,brackish waterwill be brought up to drinking water standards.

4.2 Option 2 (Insert your second option here)
Give a brief overview and description of the design solution and explain how it could solve the problem related to your design project.
4.3 Issues for further Investigation
List the main questions or issues that need to be investigated further in order to develop your design ideas into solutions which are appropriate for the community. These could be economic, environmental, technical, or cultural issues.
5.0 Conclusion
A conclusion should sum up the information you have provided in this document.
Compile a reference list in APA format including your research summary sourcesas well as any other references that you have used and cited in the document.
Formatting Your document needs to be presented professionally, using the following format (look up Microsoft ‘Help’ for formatting instructions):
• Single document, MS Word.
• Margins: Top & Bottom (3.00cm), Left & Right (2.50cm)
• Body text: Times New Roman (or alternative legible and professional font), 12pt size, left alignment with 1.5 line spacing.
• Paragraph spacing: 0pt ‘before’ and 12pt ‘after’.
• A header and/or footer should be included, with details of the unit code, Assignment number, and your name.
Submission Include the marking rubric at the end of your assignment. Submit as a single Microsoft Word document. The filename must include your name.
To insert a landscape-oriented rubric into your portrait assignment, place your cursor at the end of the reference list, go to Layout>Breaks>Next page. This creates a new section in your document, then go to Layout>Orientation, and change to landscape – this changes the orientation of just the new section. From there, copy and paste the rubric.

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Research Paper
Subject : Engineering
Pages / words : 5/1375
Number Of Sources : 12
Academic Level : Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : US English

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