Topic: Research Report: Market Entry Plan


Case Study:
The South-American sorbet company “El Sin Rival” have seen significant sales growth when expanding its business from El Salvador to the U.S. Being the newly hired international marketing manager (IMM), you have convinced the CEO to enter the Australian market place.

The CEO is keen to use the latest technologies (e.g. AI, VR, SM) and most futuristic marketing approaches (e.g. AR, 3D) to secure the organisations ability to generate profits. You therefore need to recommend how to alter the product, the pricing, where and how to sell it, and how to promote it etc., to fit the target market deploying ‘digital technology’.

At core, the El Salvadorian name and brand needs to fit the Australian market. Be aware of the changing environment and the impact on marketing activities, for instance, the ‘customer experience’. Students are to draw upon the literature to highlight key areas where change is altering the international marketing activities and how to mitigate these changes for the organisation. Remember to support your findings, arguments and recommendations with peer reviewed sources, news/business media and industry reports etc.

Your objective is to address the above so that the company ‘achieves a significant market share’ in the sorbet market within 12 months. You can assume that ‘sufficient’ production volumes exists to export the products from El Salvador, and to import them to Australia. Remember, this report is not about describing theory or technology, but to provide a precise international marketing plan (roadmap) covering all ‘what to do’ recommendations, and the rationale thereof, to be successful in the target market.

Report Structure:
Part 1. Executive summary of the Report-What are the core findings and subsequently the vital recommendations? Approximately 200 words.

Part 2. Analysis & Research: What are the main opportunities and challenges for the firm in the chosen country and in relation to the recommended technology approach?
Base your report on a few core ideas (2-3) in each section supported by research (journals and other industry data). Make sure you are drawing ideas from the literature to get some depth, giving both sides of an argument and use industry data to justify. Approximately 800 words.

Part 3. Evaluation and recommendations: What are the main recommendations that have the most influence on the international marketing for this firm, its products, and its customers (consumers) in the selected market? What international marketing strategy and digital marketing activities might work best and why? For example: provide clear tangible recommendations in relation to customer insight, customer demand and behaviour, potential product and service modification, branding and labelling, distribution, positioning of the brand, price and or promotions. Obviously, you cannot discuss everything, so make decisions related to the international marketing activities that you think are the most critical within the given context. Approximately 800 words.

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