Topic: Resourcing and Talent Management

Critically analyse the different ways in which employee turnover can impact on McDonald’s ability to achieve its strategic goals and demonstrate understanding and application of lawful and ethical people management processes within this field.

Building on your findings and discussions from assignments 1 and 2, critically discuss relevant resourcing and talent management theories with regard to employee turnover, and the impact it can have on McDonald’s organisation’s strategic goals.

Based on your analysis, develop recommendations for your McDonald’s improvements in resourcing and talent management approaches, ensuring that you show how they also meet the requirement to manage people lawfully and ethically
Guidance for Assessment 3

• This is an individual assignment.

• The written assignment should be in report format, and structured in paragraphs, with an opening paragraph(introduction), paragraphs to aide discussion, and finally a closing paragraph (conclusion and recommendations).

• Paragraph headings should be relevant to the context of the assignment. The headings must also include: Introduction, background, title of main body of the discussion, analysis and findings, conclusion and recommendations.

• References – all published sources cited in the report must be referenced in alphabetical order, in line with Harvard referencing. These should be in alphabetical order.

• Appendices – this is where you should include all supporting information that you have used to support your analysis and discussion.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: business

Pages: 4/1100

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