Topic : Responding to Social Changes Business and Economics Coursework

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Responding to Social Changes: Paper 2
To use consumer behavior theories to analyze companies’ responses to social changes.
• Corporate activism is when companies make strategic decisions based on beliefs and let
those strategies drive change and ultimately, their profits. More specifically,
sociopolitical activism is defined as a firm’s public demonstration of support or
opposition to one side of a partisan issue (Bhagwat, et al., 2020). Forms of activism
include building mandate in the community for a cause, ads supporting a popular
movement or cause. When these activities are taken using a brand or company logo, it
may be called brand activism (Moorman, 2020). Please read the article attached to this
This year, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, forest fires on the west coast and protests
for societal justice, several companies have responded directly and indirectly.
• Here are some suggested links:
• New face of Corporate Activism
• Response to protests for racial justice
• How brands are responding to the pandemic
• Pandemic response in Australia
Bhagwat, Yashoda, Nooshin Warren, Joshua Beck, and George Watson IV (2020), “Corporate Sociopolitical Activism and
Firm Value,” Journal of Marketing, 84 (5), 1-21.
Moorman, Christine (2020), “Commentary: Brand Activism in a Political World,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 39
(4), 388-392.
Select any example of brand activism executed in 2020/2021.
What should be in your paper

  1. Specify the brand and market statistics such as market share, target markets, revenues
    and positioning.
  2. What is/are the target segment(s) for this brand? Please do not rely on wiki entries.
  3. Briefly describe the brand activism executed. For example, if the example you choose is
    about a brand airing an ad that supports a cause, you will describe the ad, where it Evaluation of Effort
    In this section, I want you to critically evaluate the company’s activism. Please do not let your
    personal beliefs/political views color your writing. You are a sample of one. I am interested in
    how you think the target audience will react and does it make sense for the brand to have
    engaged in this form of activism.
  4. Using the framework proposed by Moorman (2020), what lens/lenses of brand political
    activism is being used in your chosen example? Explain why you think so.
  5. How effective is this activism? Answer this question using
    a. Theories of attitude formation/attitude change
    b. How does this activism impact the target consumer’s decision making process?
    Explain in detail.
    c. Will the activism make an impact on the consumer’s decision making heuristics?
    Use the theories of judgment and decision making to guide your analysis.
  6. What is the “word on the street” regarding this brand activism? Use blogs, social media
    reactions and mainstream press articles to frame your response.
  7. Make one recommendation to the company regarding the activism example. Justify
    your recommendation.
    Attach ads/screenshots as appendices to your paper.
    • 5 page maximum limit (excluding references & appendices)
    • 12 inch font double spaced
    • APA style appeared, the message of the ad and any other relevant details. If applicable, attach
    screenshots/pictures/print outs of the ad or other materials.

Pages 4 Double spaced(1100 words)
Style and sources APA7, 1 source
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