Topic: Retail marketing management report

Much of the academic and business literature highlights the importance of creating an effective selling environment that ultimately creates a positive shopping experience.
Assess the challenges associated with developing a similar experience for shoppers in the case of online channels. Develop ONE detailed case study to support your position.
Report Guidelines:
• Please consult a wide range of secondary data, related industry research studies, journal articles and provided directed readings.
• Demonstration of critical analysis with evidenced/reasoned arguments is expected.
• The report should include a minimum of 15 academic business/marketing/retail journal references.
• Please avoid the retailer/company “Apple” for case study as it is already discussed in the lectures.
Report Structure:
• Executive Summary
• Contents Page
(Please have a total of 200-230 words for executive summary and contents page sections.) • Introduction • Methodology – How do you develop this report? Where do you gather ideas/materials from? (e.g. Mintel, journals) • Discussion (Main Section) – Includes ONE detailed case study in this section. Implement an appropriate analysis (PESTEL Analysis/SWOT Analysis/Competitor Analysis) in this section in paragraph form. • Conclusion (Please have a total of 3000 words for introduction, methodology, discussion and
conclusion sections.)

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Business

Pages: 12/3300

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