Topic: Review Peer Journal Article – Developmental Presentation

You are to write an essay reviewing a peer-reviewed, scientific research article that applies theory or methods from cognitive psychology to a real-world problem and critique it (For a referral you must choice a different article from your first attempt). Your critique should have three sections:

1. You should first provide a summary of the paper that covers its research question, experimental method and measures, main findings, and conclusions. This should be succinct but accurate, covering the details most pertinent to understanding the logic of the study (i.e., how it tests its hypotheses). The purpose of this section is to give the reader an understanding of the study you are critiquing; no evaluation of it is necessary here.

2. You should then link the paper to the relevant content you learned in this module. Identify and summarize, in your own words, a concept, theory, or method that was covered in the cognitive weeks of our module that the study relies on or makes use of. Once you have noted the connection, provide your own summary of the concept, theory, or method to introduce it to the reader. When identifying how the paper connects to an idea from this module, provide an indication of where it is covered in our module,

either with a reference to module content (e.g., “… Posner’s cuing method (Week 7 SCORM: Selective Attention)” or to a reading (e.g., “Posner’s cuing method (Andrade & May, 2004, Chapter C2).

3. Provide a critical analysis of how the concept, theory, or method has been applied. In particular, you should think about how the theory or method did or did not help to understand a real-world problem, whether it needed to be extended or adapted, and whether the application highlights any shortcomings of the theory or method. You are welcome to discuss other aspects of the application as well, but be clear about what you are discussing.

Appropriate referencing is required in this assignment. All references must be in accordance with APA guidelines.

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