Topic: Service Life Design Report


To develop a durability plan for a twin bridges with a design life of 100 years.


1. A set of draft final design drawings of the twin bridges comprising:

a) piles layout & 55o octagon driven piles
b) Abutments concrete & reinforcement
c) pier concrete & reinforcement
d) pre-cast pre-tensioned concrete plank
e) deck concrete and reinforcement
f) precast barriers

2. One borehole 3062 soil test results
3) Location of twin bridges ( an arbitrary location with marine tidal condition in the flood plain)
4) Additional design assuming tidal seawater in the flood plain


Student undertake a detailed durability design of the structure based on the specified environment exposure and construction methods of individual structural member. The service life design shall be conducted from first principle and final outcomes to be compared to service life design first principle and final outcomes to be compared to service life design from relevant Australian standards.

A service life design report outlines the durability design and justification for the design to satisfy the 100 years design life. The report needs to provide important durability-related specification of concrete (concrete mixes and cover) used in various bridge components & the corresponding construction method necessary to deliver successful project.

Note 1: Where concrete covers are specified in the structural drawings, use the nominated cover but select appropriate type of concrete for the cover used.

Note 2: There are differences in the expected quality of precast and in-situ concrete construction

1. Examine all structural elements and corresponding environment loads
2. Conduct design life evaluation from first principle, and cross check the outcomes with relevant standards.

DO take into account how you can choose concrete and production process to avoid deterioration from Delayed Ettringite Formation (DEF) and Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR)

The results from the design are then compared to the solutions derived from the relevant Australian Standard for 100 years design life (AS 5100).

The SERVICE LIFE DESIGN report shall provide a summary of the concrete specification required for 100 years design life.

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