Topic: Should euthanasia be legalized in the UK?

LITERATURE REVIEW (this can be around 2500 words go over or less If you want) 
2/3 definitions of what different scholars think Euthasia is… what is it? UK definition, USA definition (find a country where they do legalise it and use that as a definition) 
Who does it? A doctor? 
What are the different types of Euthanasia? 
How do they carry it out? Eg Lethal injection? Do they have to go to another country if they’re from the uk to do it? What are the consequences for that eg do they get prosecuted or get away with it? 
A general explanation as to why people do it? Relieve pain and end their suffering? 
Which countries legalise Euthanasia? And why do they allow it?  
    (focus on 3 countries- and write why they legalise it and find why they’d advocate this? 
Why does the UK find Euthanasia unlawful? Ie why does the UK not allow Euthanasia? 
Reasons why they don’t allow Euthanasia.. POINT EVIDENCE EXPLANATION 
Any case studies? Any research that suggests it is unlawful? 
What are the UK’s prosecution levels? Imprisonment? State which section this may fall under?  
2-4  Factors FOR legalising Euthanasia  
Eg free will and determinism, rational choice 
Include theories as to why people may do it 
Factors AGAINST legalising Euthanasia x2 
Include theories as to why people may go against it.. maybe if Euthanasia is legalised, it can prompt people to practice this more often than intended 
(research why online blogs is a good source to gather data (research the benefits on online published data and why it is a good source of research) 
To be extra analytical, you could even structure it like this: one good point, one bad point, then one good point OR 2 good points  
Always link your point (about the benefits of using online data) back to your research eg using published data is good because of the sensitivity of the subject. (talk about ethical considerations in this part…  ie if you was to interview someone asking about Euthanasia it could trigger bad past events causing psychological harm) 
at the end, instead of a conclusion, finish it off with a sentence  
Aims and  objectives  
online blogs – (suraj, 34, 2006) Elizabeth, 38, 2007 aurelia, 29, 2018 * 
 Methodology (500-1000 words) 
describe your theoretical approach (this will be interpretivist approach) .. and explain what this means.. then describe how this approach influenced your analysis of the data (so how does the interpritivist approach ties into your research Question) 
State which analysis you have used (thematic analysis).. include what TA is, and describe the stages of analysis 
Procedure of research 
Give details of the data that was analysed and the participants  
1 what is epistemology 
Procedure- thematic analysis 
Themes, codes, sources, data that is going to be collected 
Qualitative approach  
Epistemologicaly what and how can I know reality. Subjective experiences, 
Theoretical perspective. which approach were going to take which is interpretivism how does this link to my research based on subjective experiences. Why did I choose this. Sensitive subject. different ideas best to adopt this approach 
Methodology, what procedure are we going to use to acquire the reality. We’re going to use the thematic analysis. What tool are used to acquire the knowledge? the tools are themes, codes, sub themes  
Sources- what data can we collect and how. Data is online blogs    
Epistemological review of euthanasia 
Start with epistemology, what it is  whats it about 
Theoretical perspective which is interpritvism 
Say what interpritivsm is and how it links into your research (euthanasia) 
Then discuss other.

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