Topic: Skinner and Bandura psychology essay


1) Skinner and Bandura both studied how people learn and both devised theories based on their research and observation, but they came to somewhat different conclusions. For this assignment you will need to do all of the following:

a) Describe the concept of “free will” and discuss how Skinner and Bandura thought about the concept,

b) Describe and discuss your thoughts on “free will” as that term is used in psychology and give at least 2 reasons for your thinking,

c) Describe and discuss your thinking about the potential positive and negative influence of video games, television and other media on people’s behavior. Provide examples that illustrate your thinking,

d) Describe how you would apply at least one concept of Skinner’s and one concept of Bandura’s together to change one behavior of your choice (e.g. increase exercise, stop smoking, increase studying, etc.

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