Topic: SMEs and COVID-19 – threats and opportunities in UK manufacturing


The purpose of this research is to; identify what are the threats and opportunities to an organisation during COVID-19? Whether they are Politically, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal or Environmental, and how significant each threat and opportunity is to the organisation.
1.2 Research Objectives
RO1. Investigate the impacts of COVID-19 on businesses, through a literature review.
RO2. Analyse the threats and opportunities that businesses are facing during COVID-19.
RO3. Categorise how significant the threats and opportunities are for businesses
RO4. Identify and evaluate where the threats and opportunities are presenting from

The plan was then to conduct a series of interviews with SME business owners to see what their thoughts were RE threats and opportunities.

The number of sources section below is as many as possible because there needs to be a suitable number for lit review and theories, etc.

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