Topic : Social Sciences Essay Paper

• Sets the scene of the topic
• ‘Signpost’ the reader to the overall shape of the portfolio
• Clear definition and explanation of relevant terms / main discussion points
Maximum score
• Detailed description and understanding of key psychological theories and/or constructs
• Critical assessment and synthesis of relevant psychological literature
• Evidence of wider reading around the topic to support discussion with a balance of
seminal and contemporary reference sources
• Clear focus on answering the question
• A coherent structure to the essay, presenting a concise argument supported by
examples from relevant psychological literature
Maximum score
• Ability to draw main points of discussion together
• Linkage of conclusions to assignment title
Maximum score
Presentation & Referencing
• Correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling
• Appropriate writing style (use of “third” person)
• The majority of references are from academic journals and primary sources
• References reported accurately in essay text
• References reported accurately in attached ‘References’ section
Maximum score

Pages 6 Double spaced(1650 words)
Style and sources APA7, 10 sources
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Title page

Bibliography / Reference page

Study level Master
Assignment type Essay
Subject Social Sciences
Language US

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