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Research Paper Assignment (A1)
Suppose you received a large grant to do research on a social problem of your choice. First, pick the social problem and then write a paper about how you would conduct research using two research methods discussed in this week’s readings (survey, field research, experimental and secondary analysis). What method do you think would be best to research your selected issue and why? If you don’t think a particular method is possible or reasonable, why not? Be sure to discuss what we know (objective facts) about your selected social problem from sources including our class textbook and any other academic outside sources. Be sure to use in-text citations, properly cite your references in APA Style format, and include a reference page in your work. Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length.

Pages 2 Double spaced(550 words)
Style and sources APA7, 2 sources
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Study level College
Assignment type Research Paper
Subject Social Sciences
Language US

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