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Writing instructions

Schizophrenia: The Mysterious Brain Disorder

1st ref Biological Psychology 12E By James W. Kalat Chapter 14
Must also include bible scriptures

Will attach the downloaded copy of book.

provide an overview of the disorder; provide a “big picture” view and demonstrate your knowledge of the broad area and the context for the specific topic chosen.

The paper should be approximately 7 pages in length and should incorporate concepts from biopsychology research integrated with biblical principles. Detailed instructions below:

Assignment: The intention of this paper is to survey the physiological underpinnings, causes, and treatments of certain neuropsychological symptoms or disease states (i.e., CVA, MI, Alzheimer’s, etc.). Your task will be to survey the etiology of the disease state/disorder and “paint the picture” of what is occurring physiologically. You will then assess the interconnection and bidirectional effects of the disease state/disorder on psychological, emotional, and cognitive functioning. Please make sure that you are providing the full picture of this interconnection.

Based on the topic you submitted, you’ll devise a step-by-step approach on how you’d seek out the best course of treatment for the specific disorder. Please survey both conventional/allopathic approaches and integrative/holistic approaches. Keeping in mind there should be an integration of biopsychological research-pitfalls of the research- with Christian principles to help justify your ideals of the best intervention from a Christian perspective.

Use APA guidelines in writing your paper, which should include no less than five references from peer-reviewed, professional psychology journals.

Pages 6 Double spaced(1650 words)
Style and sources APA6, 5 sources
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Study level College
Assignment type Research Paper
Subject Social Sciences
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