Topic: Social studies essay response


Complete a brief essay response to each of these questions:

1. Describe an eco-philosophical or Indigenous science perspective.

2. Discuss education as the basis for the transmission of culture.

500–1000 words for each question, APA style, double space, indent the first line of each paragraph.

Integrate the following into your answers

For question 1:
1. describe traditional process of “coming to know” in relationship of place to community as components of Native science.
2. discuss the significance of oral history to Indigenous education.
3. describe Dene perspectives on teaching and learning medicine power.
4. analyze the impact of colonialism on Aboriginal peoples’ experiences with public education in Canada.

For question 2:
1. contextualize the world view of Pueblo people.
2. articulate the role of storytelling to understanding Pueblo identity and philosophy.
3. express an understanding of Native written literature and the telling of stories.
4. discuss the role of storytelling in relation to Indigenous identity and world views.

References ( to be used )
Cajete, G. (2000). Tenets of Native philosophy. In Native science: Natural laws of interdependence (pp. 64–83). Sante Fe: Clear Light Publishers.

Blondin, G. (2006). Trail of the Spirit: The mysteries of medicine power revealed (pp. 7-28). Edmonton: NeWest Press.

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Campbell, C., Boucher, A., Evans, M., Faichney, E., LaCorde, H., & Powder, Z. (2005). Mihkwakamiwi sipisis: Stories and pictures from Métis Elders in Fort McKay. Edmonton: Canadian Circumpolar Institute. [E-book]

Message: follow the instructions, each essay response ( the answer to the question) , use only the references that were given, if direct citation used indicate the page or paragraph number. Apa 7 style.

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