Topic: Sonny’s Blue english essay

Who Tells Your Story? The Narrator’s Impact

For this essay, examine the narrator of one of the short stories we have studied.

Explain your sense of how that narrator functions in the text and impacts the reader’s experience of the text. You could examine that impact in a variety of ways.

For example, make an argument about whether/how the narrator is reliable or


For example, make an argument about how the narrator’s point of view

influences your thoughts about the story’s plot or theme.

For example, make an argument that looks at the way the narrator’s voice and

amount of omniscience shapes your thinking about the story’s characters or setting.

—- —- —-

Whatever approach you take / argument you make, use specific textual evidence from the story to support your paper. Present and explain evidence clearly and specifically. Develop a clear sense of context for the illustrations you bring into your essay. Whenever possible, use specific critical vocabulary that we have discussed in class and that the textbook explains (review the relevant sections we have read).

In addition, you can make a connection between your argument and the world or current events. Support your thinking by bringing in specific illustrations. However, remember, the essay is not about current events. But, if you can find a link, you will add another layer of texture to your discussion.

The relationship between your argument and the story you choose will form the basis of your thesis paragraph. The body of the essay will analyze and expand on that idea. Your conclusion will summarize the relevant ideas in the paper and explain what you learned in the course of writing the paper.

The essay must be approximately 2-3 pages double-spaced in 12-point font and follow MLA formatting and include a Work Cited page. The essay must also have an original title that reflects its idea or its argument.

The Story you will be following these instructions is Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin.

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