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Building A Strategic Marketing Plan

Being able to develop a simple yet effective strategic marketing plan is a critical skill that businesses need to not only survive but to thrive. Strategic marketing plans also must be living plans that can and should be reviewed and adjusted, as needed, on a regular basis.

Great strategic marketing plans include:

The product (or service) your company sells
The benefits (not features) of the product
The problems your product solves
The emotional triggers your product creates
The characteristics of your target audience
Where your company will find your target audience
How your company will position and market its product to your target audience
How much money and effort the marketing plan will cost
What the expected results will be from marketing
How your business will measure results
How your business will conduct and refresh its marketing research and marketing plan
Keep in mind that at its heart, a strategic marketing plan answers this simple question: How will my business find and attract our most likely buyers? So, while it’s easy to get lost in the details of the above key components of a marketing plan, never lose sight of what the plan is supposed to answer.

Your role for this project is:

You have been recently hired as the marketing manager of a fictitious start-up firm.

You choose the industry and the product (or service) your firm sells. This cannot be the same firm as your start-up business in Week 6.

Your firm has significant capital backing for the next 18 months before it must sink or swim on its own.

You are to create a strategic marketing plan containing the above components.

You create your strategic marketing plan as a PowerPoint of no less than 8 slides (plus a cover slide, for a total of 9 slides).

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