Topic: Strategic planning and change management

Summative Assignment: STRATEGY REPORT – Change management (100%)

This assignment requires you to identify a problem and propose a service / strategic transformation that addresses the problem, assesses drivers and resistors for change, develops a strategy for implementing the change and devises a theory of change representation. 

Your response will be in the form of a professional strategy report.

Module Outcome:

  • Apply differing concepts of strategy to the management of public services and non-for profit contexts demonstrating systematic understanding and critical awareness of strategic issues faced by public sector organisations
  • Critically evaluate strategic management techniques in local public service contexts
  • Apply strategic management tools and models in the process of change management demonstrating systematic understanding and a creative approach to change management
  • Critically evaluate the significance of a change in and for public service organizations and plan change strategies
  • Demonstrate systematic understanding and consistent and coherent application of theories of change in the context of transforming public services

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Management

Pages: 20/5500

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