Topic: Summative Assessment (40552/02) for Recording, Analysing and Using Human Resource Information


Recording, Analysing and Using Human Resource Information (3RAI)

When you have completed your assignment, please submit it below and remember to include your cover sheet as page one, with all information including the candidate declaration. Without this information your assignment cannot be marked.

This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:

Understand what data needs to be collected to support human resource practices
Know how human resources data should be recorded, managed and stored
Be able to analyse HR information and present findings to inform decision making
Task 1
This assignment is based around a retail organisation. This organisation is in the fashion sector, primarily selling ladies fashion (although it does have some lines for men and children). The organisation has 34 stores, primarily based in the Midlands and South of the UK. It tends to employ a significant number of students during the holiday period (to help cover for staff holidays) and it always employs a number of temporary workers in the busy weeks leading up to Christmas.

Answer the following questions (total of 1000 words):

Q1 Why does this organisation need to keep employee records (identify at least two reasons)?

Q2 What data relating to employees might this organisation want to collect and how will this support HR or L&D practices? (Give 2 examples of types of data)

Q3 What would you recommend as effective methods for this organisation to store the data, and why? (Give two different options)

Q4 Why is it important for the organisation to effectively input and retrieve information? Answer this with particular reference to payroll and personnel records.

Q5 Identify three aspects of the storage of data that need to be addressed as a result of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The following information has been obtained from the 8 stores in the West Midlands:


Absence rate (% in the last 12 mths) Staff turnover (% in the last 12 mths)
A 3.6 15
B 4.2 18
C 1.8 21
D 7.2 18
E 5.6 13
F 3.6 10
G 1.9 17
H 4.7 19
Task 2

Input this data into an appropriate IT package (e.g. Excel) and then display the data in the most appropriate way.
Now write a brief report (no more than 500 words) identifying what this data tells you, and suggesting how this might impact on the decision making in the organisation.

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