Topic: Talent Management business essay

Talent management (TM) is the process by which businesses and organisations recognise and develop talented people who can have a positive impact on their organisations and their productivity. It not only has become a key component of human resource management but also the responsibility of leaders and managers at all levels to manage talent within the business, with TM strategies being developed in line with the particular needs and structure of the business and industry.
Themes of TM relevant to businesses when considering a strategic approach to talent management include the following:
● The role of line managers and leaders in employee development and well-being;
● Talent management being used as a lever for culture change
● The importance of contextualising approaches to talent management
● The need for new and innovative ways of working to achieve a strategic approach to talent management
● Barriers for the development of a strategic approach caused by economic and dayto-day operational pressures Staff retention, training and morale is key in any industry where talented motivated employees can help differentiate one organisation from another and influence business success. An increasing number of businesses are rethinking ways to get the most from their staff. Rising costs, recruitment difficulties and changing employee attitudes mean that, for many employers, the traditional approaches to recruiting, training and retaining staff are being revisited to harness and develop talent and ultimately drive competitive advantage.
The knowledge you have built during previous Units will become the theoretical foundation for the Research Project you will produce for this Unit. You are expected to produce a piece of work that will provide sufficient evidence that you are able to:
● Consider the development of a methodical and valid research proposal as the foundation for your project.
● Choose a topic of personal interest in a specialism. The topic chosen should allow a sufficient and suitable degree of research through the existence of adequate background materials.
● Produce a project proposal. A good project proposal title should meet the
following criteria:
○ The proposal is one that has an existing body of literature or source
material that can be reviewed.
○ The proposal extends a current line of learning that will lend itself to
further rigorous exploration.
● Decide on appropriate research methods and select an appropriate sample.
● Conduct your research as outlined in the proposal agreed with your tutor.
● Carry out your research, analyse your research findings and draw conclusions.
Apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods to evaluate data
collected from primary research.
● Communicate your research outcomes in a manner appropriate to your audience.
● Reflect on the success of your research project and evaluate the problems/
issues encountered.

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Business

Pages: 12/3300

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