Topic: Team management coursework assignment

Please use informations from chapter 2. for reference. Feel free to use one more additional reference if needed .

1. Think about when either you have been the new person in an already established team or when a new person joined your established team. How did this change in membership affect the team’s dynamics/performance?

If you were the new team member, what did other members do to welcome (socialize) you to the group? If a new person joined your team, what did you do to welcome (socialize) that new person into the team?

If socialization did not occur, what do you think should have occurred? (Note: if you do not have a personal example that fits this question, you may ask a friend or family member and report on their responses.)

2. Provide at least two examples of norms in teams that you have either observed or you have experienced. Include information regarding what enacting the norm involved (i.e., what did team members do or not do?) and how members might have responded to someone not engaging in this norm behavior.

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