Topic: The challenges of international entrepreneurship.


Hong Kong is to host a seminar to develop and support entrepreneurship across borders. The event aims to provide a practical understanding of the challenges facing those who wish to create international start-up ventures. Your company offers a consultancy service for entrepreneurs, and this, therefore, is an opportunity to promote your service and secure potential business links. As a keynote speaker, they require you to:

Write a report identifying, explaining and evaluating the key issues entrepreneurs need to understand and address in order to create a successful international business venture in a country of your choice


● Focus on attention to detail, quality of work and overall academic standards.

● For additional guidance on this assignment, please access the assignment vodcast available on Canvas.

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Report
Subject : Business
Pages / words : 15/4000
Number Of Sources : 20
Academic Level : Master’s
Paper Format : Harvard
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : UK English

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