Topic : The Classroom As A Global Community Education Coursework



Review the questions associated with chapter seven and respond to each one. Always use 12 or 14 inch font, double-spaced, 8.5 by 11 inch document, and Microsoft WORD only. Points will be awarded based upon adequately addressing the questions and utilizing correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA style. Upload the completed assignment to canvas dropbox.

Preface: “We are living in a new age which itself is defined by the fact that challenges we face do not respect any conventional boundaries. They don’t respect geographical boundaries and they don’t respect old definitions” (Richard Celeste).

Define cross-cultural awareness. 30 words or more. 2 points.

Identify and briefly discuss the four levels of cultural awareness, as defined by Hanvey (Iceberg Model). 100 words or more. 3 points.

Review the pedagogies (beginning on page 232) for incorporating global education in the classroom.

Expound on at least two ways that technology may be used to assist in global education. 50 words or more. 5 points.

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