Topic: The Impact of Covid 19 on the UK’s Financial Market


Main objectives to discuss:

Pre corona uk economy
how its been impacted
what the uk financial market is
How UK’s been affected by coronavirus (general)
Impact on uk businesses
and also to compare on a Global scale

Useful Links :

Tutors specified layout and requirements

(If you could also use citations/ references in Harvard referencing style)

Maximum requirements – 1000 words/2 pages

1. A clear title under one of the current themes in accounting

2. Introduction: State clearly the importance of your project, preferably backed up by some references; research problem (why you choose to study and address the topic), contributions, main research objective and question. Identify a key article that you can follow using different data/time period or extend this article to include more data.

3. Literature review: This is where you should be able to identify a good theoretical framework to follow from the many available in accounting. It is important to develop a coherent and analytical argument with a good flow, rather than just giving a list of theories. The literature can be categorised under themes and must be related to your own research questions/objectives. You can use present tense to write LR. Generally, you should include 10-15 up-to-date quality references (e.g. academic journal articles/government documents – non-credible internet sites are not acceptable).

4. You should identify whether you will be conducting a qualitative research or quantitative research. You will be expected to identify the type of qualitative methods e.g. questionnaire and interviews. Identify how and how many questionnaires/interviews will be conducted. A good advice is to use your peer group for qualitative research. For quantitative research identify where you will be able to get the data and how they will be analysed.

5. Quantitative research – you will have identified the source of data, the variables (justified with literature review) and your hypothesis.

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Type of assignment: dissertation
Subject: accounting
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Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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