Topic: “The prison system in the United States is essentially the new plantation”. Discuss.

Introduction: tell the reader how you are going to go about tackling the question, and what you will be arguing.

Setting the scene: provide some overview of the topic, set out key issues and debates.

Main Section: Once you have done the reading, pick out the salient points for debate and discussion. You will need to engage in some detail and depth with the writings of these thinkers. Think about the arguments from key sources and how they can help you answer the question, using quotation and textual analysis. Reflect on their arguments and discuss which are most compelling.

The main section will be split in three paragraphs. 1)Start with the parallels between Slavery and Mass incarceration (e.g including the idea of Civil death). 2)Discuss the prison example of Louisiana State Penitentiary and the Angola Rodeo at the prisons. 3) Discuss the racial caste and a little on prison reform and abolition. Within the main section, think about if the prison is essentially the new plantation or are there differences? Should we draw a straight line from one to the other, or would that miss some things about racism and the global economy? Are some prisons (like Angola) more like plantations than others?

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Political science

Pages: 9/2475

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