Topic: TV before 1999 source analysis


For this source analysis, you should look at TV commercials from a specific day from before 1999. Here is a playlist that lists several possibilities:

Choose one and watch at least fifteen minutes of the selected video; you don’t need to analyze the whole thing if it’s longer. Then, choose one or two commercials that seem salient (relevant) and describe their historical value.

As with the first of these assignments, the goal here is to treat these commercials as historical objects that might tell us about the time period. Remember that commercials are trying to persuade viewers, so the evidence may be different from an article in a fan magazine or trade publication.

Think about what desires or perceived lacks they are addressing. What problems are the advertised products solving? The video descriptions in the videos I posted all provide information about the programming that the commercials are taken from, which might provide helpful context about the intended audience.

Pay attention to the types of products advertised, the aesthetics that the commercials employ, the implied (or explicitly stated) audience, the qualities of the products that commercials focus on and present as appealing to viewers, etc. Don’t just say “these show the ideals of the time,” because that is something we can assume.

The whole thing should be a substantial paragraph or so. Include the link to the video

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