Topic: unit 3 case study Psychology Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to understand human behavior using theoretical frameworks and development theories. Theories allow us to understand behavior and development as both a biological process and a psychological process. Through these frameworks we start to understand the development of the self and identify formation.
Read the attached case study and answer the following questions:
How important do you think conscious thinking is in human behavior in general and for Dan Lee in particular? What do you think of Daniel Kahneman’s thesis that we place too much confidence in the rationality of our judgments?
How important is culture in influencing the nature of the self? How important do you think it is for your sense of self? For Dan Lee’s sense of self? What are the policy implications of research on the impact of early nurturing on human development? Give some thought to social identity theory. With what social groups do you identify? How did you come to identify with these groups? How might your social identities affect your social work practice?
Discuss what you see as the driving force of Dan’s behavior as he struggles with earning admission to medical school. Is it cognition? Is it emotion? What patterns of thinking and feeling might Dan have developed from his cultural background? What theories presented in the chapter are most helpful to you in thinking about this, and why?
This case study and questions have been adapted from: Hutchison, E. D., & Charlesworth, L. W. (2021). Essentials of human behavior: Integrating person, environment, and the life course. Los Angeles: SAGE.
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