Topic: Video Writing Assignment


Watch this Youtube video:

Writing Prompt-

Watch the Vice News documentary titled “Meth in Fresno”. Pay close attention to the individuals from the valley that find themselves at the heart of the debate (both “good“ and “bad”).

After you have completed this meaningful screening, ask yourself and answer the following questions; Who are these involved citizens? (i.e. Dr. Lasher, Dallas Blanchard, Det. Pennal, Deputy Baylon, Drug Dealer, Pastor Juan, etc.)

What walks of life do they view the issue from? (i.e. occupation, socio-economic status, religion, etc.) What are your thoughts about Proposition 47 mentioned in the film?

Where do you think the debate will navigate into the future? (ex: going after the supply or demand side, cartels as terrorist organizations, etc.) Do you think the film is fair/unfair in its characterization of Fresno as the Meth capital of the nation?

Include data figures/outside sources to strengthen your argument. Draw from your own life experiences and what they mean for the overall debate on this issue.

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