Topic: Why is it important to reducing soft drink consumption?


For this assessment task, you will write a short essay, advocating for a health
promotion priority addressing a particular determinant of health. You are required to
choose a topic from the list below. If you have your own topic that you are interested
in, you will need to email the Lecturer in Charge (LIC), to seek written approval. You
will continue to work on the same topic for Assessment 3. Your arguments must be
supported by citing peer-reviewed academic literature and/or official statistical
resources (e.g. ABS, WHO etc) as appropriate.
Assessment specifications
Due date: Sunday 25 April, 11.59pm AEST
Weighting: 35%
Length and/or format: 1000 words ± 10% (excluding end referencelist)
Purpose: To enable and assess student’s
ability to articulate a population
health issue.
Learning outcomes assessed: 1, 2, 3
How to submit: Turnitin (via LEO)
Return of assignment: Turnitin (via LEO)
Assessment criteria: See marking rubric below.
First, you will need to choose a topic from the following list. All topics relate to potential
health promotion priorities in the Australian context:

  1. Reducing soft drink consumption
  2. Safer sharing of the road by cyclists and car drivers
  3. Preventing bullying in schools
  4. Encouraging people to seek help for managing depression
  5. Responsible consumption of alcohol, in line with health guidelines
  6. Increasing uptake of the influenza vaccine
    Then, you will need to develop your advocacy arguments in support of the health
    promotion priority. You should search the literature, and explicitly refer to peerreviewed academic literature and/or official statistical resources (e.g. ABS, WHO etc.)
    to support your arguments. A minimum of 6 references is expected, at least 4 of which
    PUBH102: Foundations of Health Promotion, 2021
    Assessment Task 2: Addressing health determinants
    should be peer-reviewed references (e.g. journal articles or scholarly book chapters).
    You do not need to outline how you would achieve this health promotion
    priority/aim at this stage – that is the task for Assessment 3. You just need to
    explain why it is important (i.e. that it will have health benefits). Imagine you
    want to persuade the reader to support your topic.
    Specifically, your essay should include:
    • A brief introduction (1 short paragraph):
    o State the chosen topic; and outline the main points you will cover in your
    • Body (most of the essay):
    o Advocate for the topic, explaining why it is an important health promotion
    priority. Outline arguments about how it will have benefits for addressing
    health risk factors/determinants (e.g. smoking) and health outcomes (e.g.
    lung cancer) at a general population level (supported by relevant and
    adequate evidence)
    o Then, identify one population sub-group (e.g. particular age group, suburb,
    ethnic group, members of an organisation, attendees at an event etc.) that
    would especially benefit, and explain why (supported by relevant and
    adequate evidence). This target group can then be adopted for
    Assessment 3.

    Turnitin: Turnitin is a tool used to assist in the detection of referencing problems
    and/or plagiarism. Turnitin generates a similarity index for a document: that is,
    what percentage of the document contains material that is matched to accessible
    sources. Presence of similarity does not necessarily indicate plagiarism: there are
    many reasons why similar text is discovered in student documents. For example,
    Turnitin often classifies reference lists themselves as “similar”—this is similarity, but
    not plagiarism.
    Assessment Policies and Procedures
    Students should make themselves familiar with the University’s Assessment
    This link outlines how to apply for an extension or special consideration (under
    ‘Student responsibilities’ and ‘Processes when personal circumstances affect
    Please note that marks will be deducted for late submission of assignments (without
    an approved extension), as per the University’s policy. The policy states:
    “Assessment tasks submitted after the due or extended date will incur, for each
    whole or part of a calendar day that the work is overdue, a 5% penalty of the
    maximum marks available for that assessment task up to a maximum of 15%.
    Assessment tasks received more than three calendar days after the due or extended
    date will not be allocated a mark.”

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Essay
Subject : Healthcare & Medicine
Pages / words : 4/1000
Number Of Sources : 7
Academic Level : Junior(college 3rd year)
Paper Format : APA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : AU English

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