Topic: Why Korean Thrillers feel so distinct and how Hollywood Thrillers can learn from it.


The piece will be delving into individual movie examples, and explaining how emotions are used to express certain opinions. I.e. Confusion, Revenge, Mystery.


– Comparing two different movies and discussing how the plot/narrative are used, and how the ending isn’t always how you expect in Korean movies.

– Discussing possible remakes, Oldboy for examples. And how Hollywood didn’t capture the original magic of the original Korean version.

– More cerebral, more surprising, allowing viewers to get sucked into the movies. From and Film Editors standpoint, this is amazing so you can switch your brain off. Allowing you to enjoy the movie without being critical and picking out how it could’ve been made. “Knowing the magic of movie-making.”

– Korean Thriller/Movie examples:
Old Boy
Memories of Murder
Silenced – “The Crucible”
I Saw the Devil

There will also need to be a Progress Map presented in the appendix of the Dissertation.

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Number of sources-50
Academic level-Bachelor’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
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