Topic: Why smart phones in the classroom equals smarter kids

This exam has two parts. Both parts require you to use the attached reading, “Why Smart Phones in the Classroom Equals Smart Kids” by Jesse Brown. Please double-space both your responses. Allow time to proofread carefully. You may complete the two required responses in any order.
Academic Response (10 marks)

In a well-organized, well-supported response of at least 200 words
Respond to one of Brown’s main arguments. Do you agree or disagree? Refer briefly but specifically to the reading to support your argument.

Transfer Response (20 marks)
Choose one of the two prompts below and write a response of at least 400 words. Read the prompt carefully, considering your audience, purpose and the conventions of your chosen genre.

You have been asked to write a blog post for students on how to write persuasively as part of your new role as tutor in the College Learning Centre. Your supervisor wants you to use the article “Why Smart Phones in the Classroom Equals Smart Kids” as an example of strong persuasive writing techniques. Compose a blog post of about 400 words explaining how to use persuasive writing techniques and reference the article named above as your example.

You have read Jesse Brown’s essay “Why Smart Phones in the Classroom Equals Smarter Kids”, but you disagree with the author’s stance on this topic. Referring to the thesis and main idea of the text, write a protest letter/email to the School Board where your child is enrolled rebutting Jesse Brown’s views. Be sure that you have clearly presented why the author’s argument is flawed by referring to the author’s techniques and/or use of evidence.

Grading criteria
Responses show a clear understanding of each writing task
Content, organization of ideas, format, style and tone are appropriate for audience, purpose and genre
Responses show clear understanding of reading
Responses are adequately supported with evidence from the reading
Quotes and paraphrases are correctly integrated (Note: no References page is necessary)
Writing is clear and concise throughout
Writing is grammatically correct.

Type of service: Academic paper writing
Type of assignment: Reaction paper
Subject: Social studies
Pages/words: 3/600
Number of sources: 6
Academic level: Undergraduate
Paper format: MLA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: CA English

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