Topic: Written Assessment (Report) Business economics Level 5

The Assignment Task

Assume you have just been employed as a Business economist in a country of your choice. The country’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has asked you to write a report on any economic topic in the world. Your chosen topic could either be of microeconomic or macroeconomic in nature. Your task, among others, should include the following areas: 

  1. A general background of your chosen country and topic;
  2. An economic framework or methodology to explain your chosen topic and provide a critical analysis on how that topic affects or could affect the success of businesses in the country. You should support your analysis using appropriate data, where applicable. It is important you format any table or graph used. Discuss also how your findings agree or disagree with other research findings;
  3. What role could the government play in advancing business success in the country amidst the chosen topic.

Submission Criteria:

Your submission must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Must have a title page with your student ID clearly written. Don’t write your name;
  2. In the form of a report with an executive summary;
  3. Must have content and lists of tables/figures, where applicable;
  4. Must also have introduction and conclusion sections;
  5. Total word limit is 1,500 words (-/+ 10%). This will be strictly enforced;
  6. Be adequately proofread prior to submission, and therefore does not contain significant errors of spelling and grammar;
  7. Be properly referenced (Harvard Referencing System);
  8. Appendices, where applicable, could be included;
  9. Have a Turnitin similarity index of no more than 27%;
  10. Submitted on time via Turnitin (amended submission rules apply);

Failure to meet any of the above criteria may result in a downward adjustment of the mark you are awarded; or disciplinary proceedings in the case of suspected plagiarism/cheating.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes that are being assessed in this assignment are:

Module Learning Outcomes
LO3 Critically evaluate a government’s role in the economic arena.
LO4 Assess the significance of economic data within the business environment and be able to use appropriate techniques.
     LO5 Articulate and communicate effectively information about complex
            economic and political issues. 

Your grade will depend on the extent to which you meet these learning outcomes in the way relevant for this assignment. Please see the grading rubric at the end of this assignment brief for further details of the criteria against which you will be assessed.

Details of Assessment:

Student need to choose a topical economic problem in any country of the world (final title needs to be approved by module leader) and use economic methodology to analyse the problem. Appropriate economic theory/concept as well as appropriate data must be used in the analysis. A complete assessment brief will be published in week 5 on Blackboard. 

The report must be properly structuredwhich, as well as containing an executive summary (a form of abstract). The final report must also contain any analysis carried including the use of tables of data that illustrate the problem and the appropriate tables/graphs used in arriving at your conclusions. The summary must be based on the data you have supplied. You may wish to include charts or diagrams based on the data that you have provided. 

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