Topic: Written Case Analysis Essay

In this essay you will analyse the case study, giving a brief description of the chronic
condition and the presenting health issues for the person.
Rationale for Part A: The case study analysis forms the background and research leading to
the creation of a Patient Information Resource. Through this assessment students will
demonstrate an understanding of chronic illness across the lifespan and the impact on the
individual, family, and community. Students will also have the opportunity to consider,
through the assignment, the needs of culturally diverse, disadvantaged and vulnerable
groups with chronic conditions.
What you need to include in your essay: Identify both the chronic disease and the
presenting condition.
• Succinctly describe the pathophysiology and symptoms, associated with the chronic
disease and the presenting condition.
• Provide a brief outline of the relevant diagnostic and ongoing tests (e.g. blood tests, vital
signs, x-rays, physiotherapy), associated with the patient’s chronic and presenting
• Outline two (2) potential problems (complications) associated with the chronic disease.
• Briefly outline the psychosocial developmental, cultural and health literacy
considerations for the person in your case study. Developmental theorists have been
identified in the modules on the StudyDesk, you are encouraged to use your
recommended texts and library resources.
• Describe three (3) priorities of nursing management for the patient’s chronic and
presenting condition.
These may include nursing management/ nursing assessment, and/ or
pharmacological /non- pharmacological management and/ or self-management.
Presentation of Essay (Penalties will apply if these conventions are not adhered to.)

  1. Reference according to APA 7th Ed. The reference list is not included in the word count
    however in text citations and headings are included.
  2. Use size 12 font in an appropriate writing style.
  3. An introduction and conclusion are also required.
  4. Dot points, tables and images are not to be included in the essay. Academic writing style
    is expected for this part of the assessment.
  5. No front cover sheet is required to be submitted.
  6. Do not submit the marking rubric.

Case scenario
Edward is a 64-year-old man, who has a history that includes diabetes,
alcoholic cardiomyopathy, and peripheral vascular disease. Edward and his
wife divorced several years ago. He has two adult children a son and a
daughter who live nearby. Edward has recently been discharged from an acute
care facility following an admission for acute pulmonary oedema and
uncontrolled blood glucose levels secondary to excessive alcohol consumption.
This is Edward’s third admission in the past 12 months for the same health

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Healthcare

Pages: 6/1600

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