Topic: Youth Diversity Culture and Subculture Sociology Coursework


Social Work Professional Program:

This assignment is comprised of writing a script. Writing a script: The grade is based on how well the student’s script explores the theme.

Select a theme from this week’s units:

Youth who are traumatized refugees and/or asylum seekers

Lesbian, gay, or bisexual youth

Transgendered or intersexed youth

Girls and young women

Please write a 1000-1250 words script that details a conversation between you (in your role as a youth worker) and a youth who is in one of the populations discussed this week. (Whether it is a counselling session, a youth inquiring about services, meeting, etc)

Type of service : Academic Paper Writing
Type Of Assignment : Coursework
Subject : Sociology
Pages / words : 4/1000
Number Of Sources : 0
Academic Level : Freshman(college 1st year)
Paper Format : MLA
Line Spacing : Double
Language Style : CA Writer

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