Uncertainty of Brexit on performance and risk of Lloyds bank

The assignment is a case study. The length of the essay is 1000 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, table of contents, abstract, references and appendices.


Conduct a case study on how Brexit and uncertainty of Brexit plan for financial services have affected the commercial activities of Lloyds bank so far, in the context of performance and risk level. Your case study needs to include the following elements:

  1. Explain the background of the mentioned topic, using appropriate references.
    1. Clearly explain the objectives of your case study. This should include the details of which types of performance and risk you choose to study.
    1. Collect financial data of your chosen UK commercial bank (Lloyds) from a reliable source.
    1. Carefully evaluate financial ratios/measures which meet the objectives of the case study.
    1. Analyse the financial ratios/measures, with the support of appropriate diagrams.
    1. Critically argue whether the bank’s performance and risk were affected by Brexit.
    1. Your essay has to include a cover page (with the title of essay, do NOT include your student ID), a list of reference, and the appendix if needed.
    1. The referencing format should be Harvard referencing style.

This coursework should be submitted via the module blackboard site. The rules on late submission and plagiarism are applied and fully enforced by the school.

Key Marking Criteria:

  • Explanation on the topic
  • Quality of data collected
  • Choice and evaluation of financial ratios/measures for bank analysis
  • Analysis of the chosen financial ratios/measures
  • Validity and insightfulness in discussion and arguments

Type of assignment: Research paper

Subject: Finance

Pages: 5/1375

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