Understanding Macy’s strategic situation

Firm performance: You should discuss how Macy’s has been performing based on 10-year historical trajectory of relevant performance measures (the 10 year historical trajectory has already been completed). To evaluate the firm’s level of performance meaningfully, you should compare the firm’s performance metrics with Nordstrom. What measures are important and which firms constitute major competitors are crucial matters that need to be determined by you based on solid arguments.


Relevant performance measures of Macys financials using the financial formulas found in the graphs below

Talk about the diversified portfolio of Macys; How this has helped them financially

Connecting performance measures to their value, internal measures they have in place and how their decisions have affected their financial performance

Connecting performance to external measures and how they have affected financial performance; what has worked over the past 10 years and what has not

Introducing Nordstrom and comparing both companies value and seeing how Nordstrom differs from Maycs financially.

Discuss Nordstroms practices briefly and their strategy . If both companies are similar can Macys use the models that Nordstrom has in place to better their financial performance. Briefly discussing Nordstroms financial performance over the past 10 years and emphasizing where/ how their finances have changes

Type of assignment:Research paper

Subject: Business


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