US Army NCO Common Core Competencies – Leadership

This is for a US Army Education School. Write an Executive Summary (EXSUM) on the “The Charge of the Light Brigade Case Study” through the NCO Common Core Competency (NCO C3) lens of LEADERSHIP. Your task is to participate in lessons within this school, complete your required readings, and then analyze a required attached case study “The Charge of the Light Brigade Case Study” with a directed focus using one component of the NCO common core which is LEADERSHIP. You will then summarize the case study in your Executive Summary. Your Executive Summary will focus on the historical case study but will be supported by other research you conduct to support your findings. Cite at least THREE references for Executive Summary utilizing military regulations as needed – The Charge of the Light Brigade Case Study being one already. You will need 2 more references besides the included one. The goal of the EXSUM is to give you a tool to use throughout your career when summarizing events. The case studies will allow you to see how the actors represented or embodied these current competencies. Use the Anaconda Example doc as your template and review for more detailed instructions and formatting.

Type of assignment: Research summary

Subject: Management

Pages: 1/275

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