Why can’t we avoid theory when studying Politics and/or International Relations?

Question: Why can’t we escape theory when we come to study Politics and/or International Relations (IR)?

Your response should be supported with evidence (including discussions of theorists, authors, and a real-world case), and offer critical reflections. Responses should be no more than 500 words (word count includes your references within the document, but not your bibliography at the end of the document –this will all make sense when you engage with the referencing guide).

Things we want you to unpack:

• What does theory mean when it relates to Politics and IR; Why do theories matter in Pols and/or IR; and What do theories do? You should make reference to and synthesise what academics have written about in peer reviewed works (https://subjectguides.library.unsw.edu.au/elise/peerreview ), perhaps in books, in book chapters, and/or in journal articles (and beyond the course reading for week 1).

• Contextualise these ideas by providing an example in Politics and/or IR that demonstrates your ability to critically engage. In other words, use an example that shows us you understand why theory is important and why it is complex, when applied to a real-world example. The example can be contemporary or historical.

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Political Science

Pages: 2/550

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